About Curtain Raisers

A curtain raiser is a short performance by participants from the local area of a theatre that Srishti is touring to.

There are a few things to note when committing to a curtain raiser:

  • A curtain raiser can only be made when students have done a full day or more with the Srishti dance/music teachers
  • It is the school’s responsibility to get parental permission, ensure that all pupils have the venue details and timings, let Srishti know in advance if the pupils want to hire costumes from them etc.
  • It is the pupils’ or school’s responsibility to make arrangements to travel to and from the venue.
  • It will be necessary to commit to the time of 5.00pm-8:30pm on the day of the show (later if the students are watching the Srishti show too).

If each of these factors is possible then here is some more information on how the curtain raiser evening works.

  • The pupils will learn or devise a short piece when the Srishti tutor visits the school. This is then performed in front of an audience at the local venue.
  • We ask pupils/schools to provide their own costumes for their performances once having discussed what is appropriate with the Srishti tutor.  Alternatively, costumes can be hired from Srishti at a cost of £5 per piece.  The school teacher(s) and pupils will have to take responsibility for dressing on the day of the performance.
  • Pupils will be able to watch the Srishti performance after their curtain raiser.  Ticket prices are at the discretion of the venue. 
  • Pupils must arrive at 5pm. Groups may need to wait a while before rehearsing onstage and will be given a comfortable place to wait. Days in the theatre can be long and we advise that pupils bring a packed snack, homework, quiet games etc.  Pupils need to be fully supervised at all times by a member of staff of the school.
  • When the pupils are called to rehearse on stage the tutor from the workshop will take over the group and give them plenty of time to rehearse and find their markings. The pupils then get ready for the show.  We try our best to get a dressing room for the group if there are the facilities at the venue.

After the pupils’ performance there will be a short pause to allow them time to find their seats if they wish to stay for the Srishti show. We encourage students to stay to watch the professional show and to see the tutors they have been working with in action. We also like to send flyers and posters to the school so that those who are involved in the curtain raiser can promote our show as well as encourage pupils to invite their friends and family to watch them perform.

If you have any questions on Srishti’s curtain raisers please contact us on info@srishti.co.uk or on 020 8420 1076.