Hidden Forces

Hidden Forces is a double bill choreographed by Nina Rajarani and performed by four dancers. 

Drishti expresses the human body’s potential as a source of latent energies that wait to be unravelled.  The manifestation of these powers is the frightening reality of the human body’s unrealised capabilities.  This piece of abstract narrative looks at the ‘casting of the evil eye’, a common belief and fear in both the Asian and African cultures.  The challenging recorded music score for this piece has been created by Keith Waithe.

Kavacham looks at the principles of ritual workship of the Sri Yantra, and incorporates Rajkumar Bharati’s amazing recorded score of complex musical time cycles and rhythmic calculations that correspond to the intriguing mathematics of this auspicious and most powerful energy diagram.


Concept and Choreography: Nina Rajarani
Music Composition: Keith Waithe (Drishti), Rajkumar Bharati (Kavacham)
Hidden Forces