Independence is a riveting and intelligent performance of contemporary South Asian dance, combining the choreography of Nina Rajarani of London and Prashant Shah of Ahmedabad, India.  This triple bill of male/female duets is with live music accompaniment by four musicians, composed and directed by Pushkala Gopal.

Independence has been inspired by the celebration of India’s fifty years as an independent country.  These works bring together two classical Indian dance styles, Bharatanatyam and Kathak, to explore their beauties in a way never before attempted.

Bhajan is a devotional song in praise of a particular god.  According to Hindu philosophy, immersing oneself in devotion or “bhakti” allows detachment from worldly matters, and is therefore the way to gain spiritual freedom.  This non-dependence on materialistic things brings one closer to God, and results in the highest form of independence.

Journeys employs sophisticated and thoughtful abstract choreography to explore the pride and satisfaction of independence, the pain and suffering of partition, and the ravages of migration.

Independent yet United discovers the parallels and enjoys the contrasts of Bharatanatyam and Kathak to rejoice the artistic freedom that allows such extravaganzas as the bringing together of two dance forms distinctively apart in character.


Choreography: Nina Rajarani and Prashant Shah
Music Composition and Direction: Pushkala Gopal