Mirage is a double bill featuring two separate works, one choreographed by Srishti's artistic director, Nina Rajarani, and the other by guest choreographer Bawren Tavaziva. 

Kadala…Is it love?  This work, choreographed by Nina Rajarani and sensitively written and composed by talented vocalist Y Yadavan, portrays a woman in love who is in constant dialogue with her mind, talking to her absent lover.  Her love is bold, like a fragrance which when it disperses cannot be captured or contained.  But she is shy, embarrassed at the thought that her love for him is so blatantly written all over her face.  However, she doubts her lover’s commitment and talks of his unfulfilled promises and her shattered dreams, questioning why she continues to wait for him when he never comes her way.  Is their love a mirage? 

Nevertheless, she finds hope within herself and feels confident that he will soon come and rid her of her loneliness.  A highly emotional piece, this work is studded with complex rhythmic intricacies at breathtaking speed.

Checkers – a Human Chess Board, choreographed by Bawren Tavaziva, Place Prize finalist 2004, is a work of a bold contemporary flavour, garnished with a hint of African roots.  Having spent 8 years of her life in Africa, Nina has a strong interest in and affinity towards African dance and music. This piece is an intense display of insincerity, deception and suspicion.  We only reveal what we want to be seen…but is there more to us than meets the eye?  Genuine appearance, with undercurrents of deceit – have you ever pretended you are someone or something you are not, for personal gain?  Mirage – an optical illusion.

Both choreographers’ works are on the theme of deception in which they have personalised their interpretation of deception. Nina explored this concept through personal relationships whereas Bawren took a more controversial stance on deception, speaking from a nation's, race's, community's point of view. Moved by the destruction of cultures of indigenous people by weapons of mass deception that span the centuries, Bawren believes that today, the weapons are more subtle but the goals are still the same.

Artistic Direction: Nina Rajarani
Choreography: Nina Rajarani (Kadala…Is it love?), Bawren Tavaziva (Checkers – a Human Chess Board)
Music Direction and Composition:           Y Yadavan
Lighting Design: Ben Pacey
Costume Design: Prabha Koda (Chennai, India)

2006 Tour Venues:

Playbox Theatre, Warwick
Nehru Centre, London
Stanwix Arts Centre, Carlisle
South Street Arts Centre, Reading
Maltings Arts Centre, St Albans
Bowen West Theatre, Bedford
Purcell Room, London
Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy
Paisley Arts Centre, Paisley
Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead
Bridgwater Arts Centre, Bridgwater
Harrow Arts Centre, Harrow
Town Hall, High Wycombe
Derby Dance, Derby
Wimbledon Studio Theatre, Wimbledon
Croydon Clocktower, Croydon
Prema Arts Centre, Uley
The Drum, Birmingham

Drammens Teater, Drammen
Bakketeigen Kulturhus, Horten
Hjertnes Kulturhus, Sandefjord
Notteroy Kulturhus, Notteroy (Tonsberg)
Agder Teater, Kristiansand
Sola Kulturhus, Sola (Stravanger)
Lyngdal Kultruhus, Lyngdal
Arendal Kulturhus, Arendal

Audience Feedback:
Fantastic! Amazingly successful fusion of traditional and contemporary styles. Come back soon!” (Rachel Hill, February 2006)

 “A stunning ensemble performance, sparkling virtuosity and creative brilliance, thank you” (Jennie Runeclues, March 2006)

Press Feedback:
“Her technique is beautiful, her speed and rhythm extraordinary and her feet fascinating to watch.” (The Stage, 2006)

“This is an entertainment of artistry and coordination with excellent body control” (Dance Expression, May 2006)

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