Workshops - further information

Introductory Dance Workshops
This is ideal for groups with no prior experience of dance. It introduces participants to the dance form, providing a taster session in Bharatanatyam. 

Introductory Music Workshops

This involves working with a vocalist and during our touring periods also a percussionist and a practitioner of a melodic instrument such as the violin or flute. Vocal and rhythmic exercises are taught. Where the group had access to its own instruments, these are also incorporated into the workshops. 

Choreography Workshop

This is for the more experienced group that has had some prior or regular dance activity, although not necessarily in Bharatanatyam. The technique is taught and the group is guided through choreographic tasks using the material learnt in the workshop to create their own work. 

Combined Music and Dance Workshops

Here, either the one group splits its time between both music and dance, or two groups work separately on each aspect and come together towards the end of the session. The aim of this workshop is to create music specifically for the dance sequences or vice versa.

The Combined workshop is a Full Day and requires at least two tutors.

The workshops are available in either 2, 4 or 6 hour slots, or as a longer residency and they are suitable for any age group. Our dancers lead our workshops and are heavily involved in Srishti’s creative processes which makes them perfect to tailor the workshop to the needs of your group.

For further information or to book, please call 020 8868 7746 or email