Nina Rajarani is the winner of the Place Prize 2006, Europe's largest choreographic competition sponsored by Bloomberg.  Her winning piece QUICK!  was described by the panel of judges thus: "This work of unstoppable energy places Bharatanatyam firmly in the world of London business. A dance work with something new to say about how the world is today, it is a clear winner of The Place Prize 2006."

The crux of QUICK! is one of those crisp, official board meetings where people are all talking very much to the point, exchanging ideas in quick succession, sometimes in agreement and sometimes not, sometimes talking over each other, sometimes talking in turns and listening to each other.

This section of the performance will reflect our daily life and our impatience that inevitably hinders us.  The events that influenced the choreography are all the mundane things one would do on a day-to-day basis where we all display so much impatience because we are always in a rush, always racing against time.

QUICK! is a fast and masculine take on the cut-throat London business world; 8 city businessmen navigate their way through a hectic day at work, with dancers moving at breakneck speed accompanied by live Karnatic music.

Artistic Direction, Choreography: Nina Rajarani
Music Direction and Composition: Y Yadavan
Lighting Design: Ben Pacey
Costume Design: Nina Rajarani
Film: Satu Tuomisto
Technical Management: Stuart Walton

2006-2007 Tour Venues:

Greenwich and Docklands Festivals, UK, presented outdoor adaptations of QUICK! at the following festivals in Summer 2007:
‘Dancing City’, Canary Wharf
‘Without Walls’,Winchester Hat Fair
‘Without Walls’, Stockton International Riverside Festival
Trafalgar Square Festival, London

Xtrax, UK, presented an outdoor adaptation of QUICK! in Summer 2007
Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

New York City Centre, Fall for Dance Festival, New York, USA, presented QUICK! in Autumn 2007
New York City Centre, USA

Orange County Performing Arts Centre, The Center’s Fall for Dance, Orange County, California, USA, presented QUICK! in Autumn 2007
Orange County Performing Arts Centre, California USA

The Royal Opera House’s “Firsts at the Linbury”, presented QUICK! in Autumn 2007
Linbury Theatre, The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London

Press Feedback

“There is no doubt in my mind who deserves the big prize. Nina Rajarani who runs her own company, Srishti, is competing with Quick!, a terrific piece for four men in shirts and ties who strut about like peacocks in the workplace. Written in the highly rhythmic Bharatanatyam (and abetted by four onstage musicians), its stamping percussive energies and mimetic animation are filled with the frantic testosterone, vanity and the high powered stress of the modern businessman . Rajarani’s take on classical Indian dance is invigorating” (Times, September 2006)

East meets West: The energetic burst of Nina Rajarani’s Quick! Makes it a worthy finalist of the 2006 Place Prize” (Metro London, September 2006)

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