SHE celebrates a woman’s capacity to accomplish the impossible and rejoices in her powers.  Through two contrasting dance pieces, dancers / choreographers Nina Rajarani and Pali Chandra take you on a journey of self-discovery. 

In Yagna, the modern woman finds herself frequently changing roles.  From mother to protector, wife to career woman, homemaker to a nation builder; the emotions of love, passion, protection, nurturing, endurance, and peace are celebrated within this dance. 

In Khamoshi ki Awaaz, an abstract piece, the dancers are given the freedom to express their interpretation of silence, where each sound can be interpreted by an individual based on their own personal experiences.

Originating from the temples of India, the Bharatanatyam and Kathak dance forms are widely different in style and presentation.  Bharatanatyam is strong, sharp and linear in movement, while Kathak is fluid, almost lyrical in appearance.  These two diverse styles are brought together with live music for Yagna composed by Pushkala Gopal for a team of five versatile musicians, and a recorded score for Khamoshi ki Awaaz composed by the world-renowned Shankar Mahadevan and A Sivamani of Bollywood fame.

Choreography: Nina Rajarani and Pali Chandra
Music Composition of Yagna: Pushkala Gopal
Music Composition of Khamoshi Ki Awaaz: Shankar Mahadevan and A Sivamani
Lighting Design: Michael Mannion
Set Design: Gopal Misra
Choreographic Consultant: Mavin Khoo
Techincal Management: Stuart Walton

2002/3 Tour Venues:

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai
Habitat Center, New Delhi

Harrow Arts Centre, Middlesex
Chipping Norton Theatre, Chipping Norton
Alnwick Playhouse, Alnwick
Little Theatre, Middlesbrough
Alhambra Studio, Bradford
Spilsby Theatre, Lincolnshire
Patrick Centre, Birmingham
Purcell Room, RRH, London
Redbridge Drama Centre, Woodford
Paisley Town Hall, Paisley
Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead
The Gate, Goole
The Bull, Barnet
Colchester Arts Centre
Adam Smith Theatre Kirkcaldy
Bowen West Theatre, Bedford
The Pavilion Theatre, Dublin
Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton

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